Hi all!  Thanks for checking out my 2019 support page.  I'm back in the studio and I've launched this store/donation page as a way to help fund the process.  

This store is set up in a way that allows you to purchase items, but also donate more than the minimum price if you'd like.  It's not mandatory, and it all helps!  There is also a "set your own price" donation option where you can contribute as much as you'd like toward the process.  It's all linked to my PayPal account (nickdmachado@gmail.com)(PayPal.Me/NickMachadoMusic) and I think it'll be super easy to make it all work.

A bit of the story...

Fearing any sort of creative paralysis, I made a promise to myself in 2016 that I'd record every year.  2017 was "Nick Machado & The Idle Bones - Restlessness" which was myself and my great pal Jimmy Lehman, and 2018 was "Nick Machado - Adrift".  Part of this effort was beginning voice lessons with Simone Comtois.  I've been taking lessons with her since December of 2016...and I've been chasing musical growth ever since.

This year, I am working on a solo album as Nick Machado, and a 3 song full band EP as Nick Machado & The Idle Bones.  I've spent a few days at Sharkbite studios with Zack Ohren, and I got to bring in my good friends Ben Perdition, Erik Falkowski and Justyn Delbridge to spread some of their creative flare on 3 tunes off of Adrift.  I'm really excited about what we've done so far!

The current goal is to raise 5k for this process.  Everything on this page, purchased or donated, goes right back into Nick Machado Music...recording expenses, artwork, production expenses, distribution expenses, merch, everything to make the album happen from start to finish.  I have a decent pile of merchandise, but it is limited as well.  Scoop up what you can while it's here...and sell this limited time store out of all it's goodies!

***Any donation at or above $50 will get a copy of each album before they are digitally released out into the world!

***If anything is sold out, or if I don't have your size...please leave a comment or reach out!  I'll be doing more runs of merch and I want to make sure everyone gets what they need! 

I'll ship items out as punctually as I can!

Thank you all for the support...and I promise to give this all I've got!

"Wont let myself lay down to die, wondering why I never tried"  Nick Machado - The Curse

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Merch Medley - 3 stickers, 2 buttons, guitar pick. Digital Download cards for Adrift & Restlessness. Donations after $10 min.

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